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Built for Conscious Microbiomes (aka BFCM)

As we go into the season of social, conversational, and material (over)consumption, let's take a moment to consider how it might affect our digestion.

How will you digest everything you are about to take in?

Solution: Get some Gist! Our fiber focused formula is built for conscious microbiomes, helping to ease those holiday stressors and bring your gut peace and harmony. This week, we are hosting our own version of a BFCM special - our Built For Conscious Microbiomes sale because adding Gist to your holiday plans will actually help you digest everything coming your way, and then some.

So for BFCM we're offering you a buy-one-get-one on all our 4-packs through Monday, November 29th. Mix and match our four core blends or throw a few sampler 4-packs into your mix! BOGO automatically applied at checkout.