Gist! | Sparkling Herbal Prebiotic

Prebiotic Herbal Soda

the unsweetened, gut-healthy, whole body beverage



You know that gut-brain connection you've been hearing about? Gist's main mission is to strengthen it because when you feel good, you can go out into the world and do good. With prebiotic plant fiber to keep your body humming along, and zero sugar or sweeteners (because who needs those anyway?!?), Gist is here for a pick-me-up, a wind down, or something in-between. Come as you are, and celebrate where you are, every step of the way.

What the people are saying...

“Great right out of the can, the Hibiscus with Lemon Balm, Ginger with Rooibos and Chamomile with Rosemary are fun options for your next party, get-together or lunch at your desk.”

-Taste of Home Magazine's Best Nonalcoholic Drinks and Spirits of 2021

Why did we put 4g of prebiotic plant fiber deliciously into a drink?

The science is clear: more fiber is better. And chances are, you're not getting enough of it (95% of Americans don't). But sufficient fiber intake can seriously impact how you feel in the here and now (digestion, mental clarity, immunity) AND in the long run by reducing disease risk.

Gist is an easy way to fill that fiber gap, and take an everyday step toward better health.


What would it mean to work with, instead of against, your body? This question inspired Lizzy Haucke to found Gist and remains at the heart of all we do. She created Gist to have delightful and distinctive flavor, while positively benefiting everyday life and health.