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Prebiotic Herbal Soda

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Gist is an intentionally blended herbal soda that uses simple whole ingredients to create complex flavor, without sweeteners, extracts, or preservatives. It is filled with gut-healthy prebiotics and naturally occurring antioxidants that support your microbiome, giving you everything you need, and nothing you don't. Drink Gist daily and enjoy an herbal adventure, better digestion, and mental clarity.

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Chamomile with Rosemary

From $14.99

Ginger with Rooibos

From $14.99

Hibiscus with Lemon Balm

From $14.99

Oolong with Calendula

From $14.99

Mint with Orange Peel

From $14.99

Gist Sampler Pack

From $14.99

Great right out of the can, the Hibiscus with Lemon Balm, Ginger with Rooibos and Chamomile with Rosemary are fun options for your next party, get-together or lunch at your desk.

Taste of Home Magazine's Best Nonalcoholic Drinks and Spirits of 2021

Flavor combinations that surprise and delight. No added sugar or sugar substitute. Prebiotic, all-around healthful. And delicious and refreshing. For me, a perfect end of workday / weekend beverage to relax and unwind with. For my teenage, health conscious athlete grandsons, a go-to, flavorful alternative to all of the chemical- and caffeine-laden stuff that gets pitched to them every day. Our entire family, from 5 to 75, loves this drink and I feel great about making it readily available to them.

J K Dean

Love this drink--great taste and actually healthy. My go to is the ginger in the afternoon--now that I've made the switch, I think it's actually a better pick me up than a coffee!

Jon H.