Gist Mocktail/Cocktail: Sweet Sap Tea

Gist Mocktail/Cocktail: Sweet Sap Tea


crafted by Rooted Spoon Culinary of Viroqua, WI

A mocktail (or cocktail) that is sure to please - perfect for all of your gatherings ahead with sweet and bitter notes that support digestion. Find the full recipe below: ⁠

🍁 1 oz. pure maple syrup⁠
🍊 4 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice (about 2 medium oranges)⁠
💫 2 wide strips of fresh orange peel⁠
🫖 8 oz. GIST Oolong with Calendula⁠
Few dashes orange bitters & Ice 🧊⁠
*Makes 2 delicious mocktails or cocktails⁠
*Optional: 4 oz. @lacrossedistillingco High Rye Light Whiskey ⁠

Before juicing oranges, use a paring knife or off-set peeler to peel a large strip of orange peel over two rocks glasses. Fold and press a peel over each glass to release oils and toss a peel in each glass. Juice oranges. ⁠

Combine maple syrup, orange juice and optional booze in a quart jar with a lid. Fill with ice and shake for 15 seconds. Stir in Gist and pour contents into prepared glasses with ice, top with a few dashes orange bitters and enjoy!