Gist Product Backgrounder

Gist Product Backgrounder

Gist is a thoughtfully created prebiotic sparkling beverage brewed with only five organically certified botanical ingredients. Created with plants, not extracts, Gist is redefining what it means to be a clean beverage.

Each can of Gist has four grams of prebiotic fiber, 14 percent of the daily recommended value, from sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes), no sugar or added sweetener and zero caffeine. It’s cold-brewed with steeped herbs that infuse its unique flavors, offering healthful benefits and a natural sweetness without any added sugar or other sweeteners. 

Gist Flavors, Pricing + Availability

Gist is initially available in sleek 12-ounce cans in two distinct flavors: Chamomile with Rosemary and Ginger with Rooibos. It is offered for $14.99 per four-can pack and currently can be purchased online at

Chamomile with Rosemary has a light, floral and herbal flavor profile and is brewed with golden chamomile flowers and a refreshing hint of rosemary. Sweet and easy going, the five ingredients include: carbonated water, organic chamomile flower, organic rosemary, organic Jerusalem artichoke inulin and organic lime juice.

Ginger with Rooibos is sweet, spicy and rich. Robust without being overwhelming, the brewed ginger root and naturally honey-sweet rooibos tea are an energizing combination. Ingredients include: carbonated water, organic ginger root, organic rooibos tea, organic Jerusalem artichoke inulin and organic lime juice.

About Sunchokes + Prebiotics 

Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes, are the fiber source used in Gist prebiotic beverages. These knobby, tuberous roots of a sunflower plant are a low-key, gut-friendly superfood. The nutrition fiber found in sunchokes feeds the gut good bacteria, working symbiotically with the body to build a healthy gut microbiome. 

Scientists estimate more than half the cells in a human body are bacteria. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live within the digestive system, aiding health function and digestion. Prebiotics provide the essential nutrients to feed probiotic bacteria in the gut, helping them stimulate healing and combat bad bacteria overgrowth. A balanced microbiome is increasingly being viewed among health experts as an essential building block for overall mental and physical well-being.